• Portable dental x-ray project is accepted by San-Tez which is a joint project with Bogazici University. 01.12.2010
  • Co-operation meetings started with dentists from Çapa.. 21.12.2010
  • Meeting was held with dentists on the importance of low-dose, 06.01.2011
  • Low-Dose Dental Imaging Algorithms developed for the institution of Forensic Medicine has been tested on cadavers. 27.01.2010
  • Our stand opened at 18th TDB International Dental Congress where we exhibited our works with Laser group. d26-28.05.2011
  • Master's thesis of our team member Abdulkadir Yazıcı, "Development of an Acquisition and Image Enhancement platform for Digital Dental Imaging" was delivered to Bogazici University, BiomedicalEngineering Instituder. 17.06.2011